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16 Jul 18
A Latin notes on a stone saying of public bath at Roman town of Kabyle of the reining of the Roman emperor Markus Aurelius (161-180) was dug up in June 2018, for the local history museum at Yambol, Bulgaria.

09 Jul 18
The ex-mayor and lawyer Mr. Tzonko Tzonkov made the first annual fests of big rock concerts with tens thousands fans in 2004 and later the meeting of seeing the sun rise of 1st of July in Kavarna.

02 Jul 18
The Municipality of Kavarna offered annual meeting of seeing the sun rise of 1st of July at Kamen bryag fields with the rock concer and the song July Morning of Uriah Heep.

25 Jun 18
BlackSeaRama Golf Course, Bulgaria is the first championship signature golf course in Bulgaria - 18 holes, par 72, length of 6648 meters - and the first completed project of Gary Player in Eastern Europe with a unique 36 signature Gary Player holes.

18 Jun 18
The Sun and TravelSupermarket experts reported on June 11, 2018 of costs for seven-night all-inclusive package holidays at sea side Sunny Beach, Bulgaria from £402pp – £452pp between July 21 and August 26, 2018.

11 Jun 18
Las 150,000 turistas, incluido de Japón y China, visitaron el 115 ° Festival anual de las rosas en Kazanlak, Bulgaria, el domingo 3 de junio de 2018 y las 5.000 personas desfilaron allí.

04 Jun 18
The monastery of Krepcha near Popovo has hewn into the limestone the oldest inscription in the Cyrillic alphabet in Bulgaria.

28 May 18
The rock monastery at Krepcha is open to the tourist of tours in Bulgaria 1,100 years after it was created.

21 May 18
Ruins of a dwelling of VI century B.C. with pieces of pottery, coins, and seals have been discovered in Apollonia Pontica at Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast.

14 May 18
A marble head of a statue of a young man of II century, found in the Roman town of Augusta Traiana Vereya in Stara Zagora.

07 May 18
The excavations in 2018 of the ruins of Scaptopara Roman town of III century near Blagoevgrad offers buildings, churches, Roman baths, pieces of clay vessels, coins, tombs with human skeletons.

30 Apr 18
The ruins of a large town from the time of the Roman Empire those might be the Ancient Thracian and Roman settlement of Scaptopara, mentioned on a stone inscription to Roman Emperor Gordian III.



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