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12 Nov 18
A stone Roman head of a woman was found in the Roman Heraclea Sintica in Bulgaria in October 2018.

05 Nov 18
A stone Roman man statue of II century was found in the ruins of Roman town of Heraclea Sintica in Bulgaria in August 2018.

29 Oct 18
The oldest ever found intact Greek shipwreck of 2,400 years ago was filmed from scientists on 2 km depth on anoxic bottom of the Black Sea with more 67 shipwrecks near Varna, Bulgaria in summer of 2018.

22 Oct 18
Ruins of a family Roman grave tomb with clay vessels and gifts for death people of 4th century were found in Sozopol in October 2018.

15 Oct 18
The cape Kaliakra is a picturesque headland north of Varna with 70 meters cliffs of reddish iron oxides and white limestone soil with remnants of medieval fortress.

08 Oct 18
Gary Player, who ranks fourth in the world by total nine men's major championships won, said about Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort: "You will not find a golf course like this anywhere else on the planet".

01 Oct 18
Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort is located on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast of a 50 minute drive from Varna International Airport.

24 Sep 18
Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort has been announced as the host venue for the 2018 European Tour Properties Senior Classic after hosting the Volvo World Match Play in 2013.

17 Sep 18
Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort, Bulgaria is at Cape Kaliakra, surrounded by three championship golf courses, nested on top of the towering cliffs, with breathtaking view of Black sea.

10 Sep 18
Bronze crests and jewelry from middle ages were found this summer at ancient hill fortress of Perperikon, Bulgaria.

03 Sep 18
A pot with 28 golden and 837 silver coins of XIV century was dug out at Kaliakra cape at the Black Sea side in August 2018.

27 Aug 18
A Roman tomb of IV century was newly found back of the Saint Sofia Roman church in Sofia, Bulgaria just at the windows of the office of the mayor of Sofia in July 2018.



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