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09 Dec 19
Bulgaria and Japan celebrated in Sofia in November, 2019: 80 years of formal diplomatic relationship, 60 years of selling of Bulgarian yogurt in Japan by Meidji Bulgaria Yogurt trade mark, 700 tons in 800,000 pots per day, 30th annual days of Japanese culture in Bulgaria, with presence of first ever Bulgarian sumo wrestler Ozeki Kotooshu.

02 Dec 19
The Japanese movie An also named Sweet Bean, 2015, of the director Naomi Nawace, winner of 13 awards, was presented by Cinelibri fest in Sofia on Oct 18, 2019.

25 Nov 19
An exhibition of artifacts of old Japanese period of culture Yayoi was held in the annual days of Japanese culture in Bulgaria in the National archaeological museum in Sofia in October, 2019.

22 Nov 19
Join combined tours of North Macedonia and Bulgaria in 2020. North Macedonia, Europe occupies third place in best tourist travel destinations around the world for year 2020, which was revealed in October in British Lonely Planetís Best in Travel 2020.

28 Oct 19
The Thracian sanctuary Harman Kaya or Flat rock, Momchilgrad, was built 2,000 BC on a plateau around 7 m deep cave.

21 Oct 19
The caves in the cliffs of Tyulenovo used to be dwellings, as there are megaliths called the Rocky Monasteries with tombs carved into the rock and sacrificial stones used by the ancient cult of the Sun.

07 Oct 19
The village Tyulenovo or a place of seals at the Black Sea side coast in Bulgaria was named so after the Queen Marie of Romania used to raise seals there in 1930s.

30 Sep 19
Near Kamen bryag is a place Ogantcheto where natural gas well is still burning since its discovering of 1950s.

23 Sep 19
Aylata is a historical place of Kamen bryag where are the remnants of megaliths, ancient stone dwellings, Thracian altar of the Sun, necropolis of tombs including of warriors of Scythian tribes and medieval fortress wall.

16 Sep 19
Kamen bryag has each year in June a local fest with folklore dances and songs.

09 Sep 19
Kamen bryag or Stone Coast is a small picturesque village north of Varna at the sea side as it is a favorite place of regular annual events of painters, sculptors, photographers, rock climbers, scuba divers, and fans of rock music.

02 Sep 19
British ranked on 23 August 2019 worldwide wine tasting country destinations as Bulgaria is 13-th by the criteria of its 20 wine yards open to public, 43 tasting experiences, 406 wine awards, travel expenses, hotel and food price.



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