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27 Sep 21
The ruins of a Roman palace of a local Roman governor and a temple of God Dionysus, also named Bacchus, of wine, fertility and ecstasy of I century AD were found near Stroyno Elchovo Bulgaria in August 2021.

20 Sep 21
The basement of a big house of a noble man and a seal of Tzar Boris Michail I of IX century were found near the capital Pliska in Bulgaria in August 2021.

13 Sep 21
Ruins of walls of medieval church with remnants of fresques and letters and burials were found in Goliama Mogila Plovdiv Bulgaria in July 2021.

06 Sep 21
The archaeologists found in July 2021 ancient coins, jewelry, pieces of clay vessels of Pergamon from II century B.C. near Burgas Bulgaria.

30 Aug 21
Pagan graves probably of Kuman Kiptchak nomad tribes of XIII century were dig out at fortress Ryahovez, Bulgaria in July 2021 as there were a lot of animals bones and skulls and burnt wood as Kuman tribes firmly believed in magical power of fire.

23 Aug 21
A marble piece of half ton weight and iron tools of a pagan sanctuary of 3 century was found near Chuchla Haskovo Bulgaria in July 2021. The Roman Emperor Theodosius I the Great, imposed by force Christian religion in 4 century over the pagan sanctuary by deleting pagan symbols on this marble piece.

16 Aug 21
In Perperikon, Bulgaria, was found in July 2021 a rear coin of Thracian king Rhoemetalces I and reverse first Roman Emperor Augustus. Rhoemetalces I was king of the Sapaean kingdom of Roman Thracian province from 12 BC to 12 AD and a direct descendant of the Thracian King Cotys I, and the middle son of the earlier Thracian king Cotys IV.

09 Aug 21
The ancient Thracian tomb in Sveshtari, that is a site of the list of ten UNESCO’ world heritage sites in Bulgaria, used to be full of precious gold gifts, the remnants of probably buried alive 25 years old wife of the 36 year old great ruler of the Getae, and killed on the spot five horses of the ruler, all to join him to the sky road to the kingdom of death.

02 Aug 21
The Sveshtari tomb’s architectural decor is considered to be unique, with ten female polychrome figures of ancient Greek caryatids carved in high relief on the walls of the central chamber and the decorations of the lunette in its vault.

26 Jul 21
An ancient historian claimed that the Tracian ruler Dromichaetes had won in the battle in the year of 290 B.C. and arguably taken as a prisoner of war Lysimachus, a Diadochi i.e. successor and a former general of Alexander the Great.

19 Jul 21
Dromichaetes’ capital Helis, with remains of four meters thick wall stones, was situated nearby Sveshtari Sborianovo in 4 and 3 century B.C. So far 150 ancient Thracian death rulers’ burial tombs were discovered near Sveshtari Sborianovo Bulgaria.

12 Jul 21
The diver archaeologists found double wooden tower as a light house, a stone rainbow shape anchor and a stone war ball of 8kg weight as first balls were known from 399 B. C. in Burgas Bulgaria in July 2021.

05 Jul 21
The special hole in the Thracian tomb in Sveshtari, oriented against the point of winter sun place, permitted the light to be put on the scene where the great ruler of Thracian Getae named Dromichaetes became a god.

28 Jun 21
A gold tremisses coin of the Emperor of Byzantium Justinian (527-565) and a piece of a marble statue of a bull, sacrificed by Graeco-Roman Goddess Mithra, have been recently dug out by archaeologists in Heraclea Sintika, Petrich, Bulgaria.



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