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23 Jan 17
The Sveta Zona church of 13 century was opened for the tourists of tours of Bulgaria. It is 1.5 km above the old town of Melnik as part of a fortress and a monastery built of the local ruler Aleksi Slav.

16 Jan 17
The ruins of 80 ancient rectangular houses with length 7 12 m and width 3 - 5 m of 7,000 years ago were found near Pleven. They were made up to two floors of clay, straw and cow dung of walls.

09 Jan 17
A necropolis with tens human graves of 3,600 2,600 years ago was dug out at Telish. The common idea of birth and death of a man was shown with the fetal position of the remains and a golden jewel in the shape of a phallus.

02 Jan 17
Cult figures of goddesses sitting on special divine thrones of Copper Age were found at Telish. They say about ancient believes of fertility, motherhood and birth of human beings.

19 Dec 16
The Antique Ceramics Centre and the Roman villa near Pavlikeni will be made suitable for seeing by tours in Bulgaria by a project of the European Economic Area (EEA) by donors Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.



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