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06 Jul 20
A new object of tours and trips in Bulgaria are ruins of an ancient city of 6,800 years ago, that used to be of 100,000 sq. m, dug in year 2019 near Yunazite, Pazardjik.

29 Jun 20
The archaeologists go on digging the buried ruins of ancient Greek polis of Heraclea Sintica, built by Philip II of Macedon 24 centuries ago, near Petrich, Bulgaria.

22 Jun 20
Fossils and bone fragments were found in Bulgaria's Bacho Kiro cave in May 2020 as radiocarbon and DNA tests showed that the bones belonged to four Homo sapiens, dating 46,000 years ago, as those are objects of interest of tourists in tours in Bulgaria and Romania.

15 Jun 20
Deutsche Welle wrote of a survey of the holiday rental portal that in June, 2020 compared 27 resort destinations in Europe, based on the average prices in 280,000 offers. In Bulgaria is the cheapest price of holiday accommodation per night with - 58 euros, in the Czech Republic – 87, in Lithuania – 89 euros. The most expensive resorts are in France, Portugal and Croatia, with price of holiday accommodation per night over 200 euros.

08 Jun 20
Vassil Bojkov, allegedly richest alive Bulgarian, claimed on his Facebook profile on May 26, 2020, that a valuable silver ibex rhyton of 3 c. of art collection of Foundation Trakia was offered for sale on the market. The Foundation Trakia exclusive collection, estimated of 200 million euros, was seized from the authorities in Bulgarian on March 2, 2020. Bojkov bought this rhyton with invoice of 600,000 USD from Yacob’s Gallery, London, in April 2019, as he showed it on Facebook.

01 Jun 20
Some pieces of the collection of antiques named Vassil Bojkov, Bulgaria were shown for the tourists of tours, excursions and packages in Bulgaria in the museums in Sofia and also in the museums of Moscow, Bonn and Brussels, at the day in 2007 of acceptance of Bulgaria in the EU.

16 Mar 20
The foundation Trakia, as owner of the collection of antiques named Vassil Bojkov, Bulgaria, asked in February, 2020, the experts of preservation of cultural heritage of UNESCO for help in dealing with the antiques with the authorities in Bulgaria.

09 Mar 20
The exclusive collection, estimated of 200 million euros, named of allegedly richest alive Bulgarian Vassil Bojkov, includes about 3,000 pieces of antiques possibly found in Bulgaria, dated back to 4,000 BC, including unique bronze and silver horns.

02 Mar 20
The tourists of combined tours of Romania and Bulgaria could consider that the Guardian placed on January 31, 2020 the railway Cluj-Napoca to Suceava, Romania, at 1st place of the best scenic rail journeys in Europe in 2020 with its UNESCO listed painted monastery.

24 Feb 20
The Guardian puts on January 31, 2020 the railway Septemvri – Dobrinishte, Bulgaria, at 10th place of the best scenic rail journeys in Europe in 2020 through narrow gorges and idyllic river valleys possibly for guided tours and travels of Bulgaria.

20 Feb 20
The report of Worldwide Holiday Cost 2020 of the Post Office Money in the Sun, UK, on 11-th January, 2020, claimed Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is the cheapest tourist holiday place worldwide by daily £30.68 per one tourist of tours and holidays in Bulgaria for a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, a soft drink, a glass of wine, a bottle of water, a three-course meal for two, and sun-cream along with insect repellent.

17 Feb 20
The exhibition Archaeology Bulgaria 2019 offers for the tourists 300 artefacts, dated back up to 80,000 years ago, including clay figures, gold, silver and bronze jewelry from archaeology excavation sites in Bulgaria among them Kozarnika cave, the Neolithic Slatina, Sofia, Perperikon, from 17 museums in Bulgaria.

15 Feb 20
The tourists of escorted tours and organized trips in small groups in Bulgaria can see the newly opened 13-th annual exhibition of all 26 archaeology excavation sites in Bulgaria 2019, from February 15, 2020 till April 26, 2020, in the Archaeology museum in Sofia, Bulgaria.

13 Feb 20
For tourists of travel, packages and trips in Bulgaria wrote on January 20, 2020, that the best ski resort for village charm in Eastern Europe is Pamporovo, Bulgaria, with cheap tumbledown stone cottages, meadows and forests. Most runs in the 36km ski area are green and blue as the longest run is 4km.

10 Feb 20 wrote on January 20, 2020 that Bansko, Bulgaria, is best for luxury ski resort in Eastern Europe with the only one Kempinski hotel in Bulgaria and 7km push down a ski blue path. On a clear day the tourists of escorted tours and trips in small groups in Bulgaria can enjoy even views of the Aegean Sea, Greece

03 Feb 20
The archaeologists announced of digging out the remnants of six human graves of 4th century in the necropolis Apollonia Pontica Sozopol in November 2019 for seeng of tourists of tours and trips in Bulgaria.

27 Jan 20
Tourists of tours and travels in Bulgaria can see in the museum of Elkhovo, Boyanovo, Bulgaria, a Roman brass balsamarium shaped as a man head, which was found in 2019 in the grave of a rich Thracian man of 2nd century.

20 Jan 20
A golden medal, of 22mm and 3.07g, of Bulgarian Great Khan Omurtag, Khanasubigi, called The Builder, of 9th century was sold in New York for USD 47,000. The second medal, found in Bulgaria in 1975, is shown for tourists of tours in Bulgaria in the archaeology museum in Sofia.

13 Jan 20
Old traditional Bulgarian tapestry is developing rapidly. The times, when the Bulgarian woman embroidered gloomy pictures using vague and handwritten schemes, are gone.

06 Jan 20
The 760th anniversary of the creation of the famous pre-Renaissance murals in the Boyana Church, Bulgaria and 40 years since its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List is marked in 2019.



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