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14 May 18
A marble head of a statue of a young man of II century, found in the Roman town of Augusta Traiana Vereya in Stara Zagora.

07 May 18
The excavations in 2018 of the ruins of Scaptopara Roman town of III century near Blagoevgrad offers buildings, churches, Roman baths, pieces of clay vessels, coins, tombs with human skeletons.

30 Apr 18
The ruins of a large town from the time of the Roman Empire those might be the Ancient Thracian and Roman settlement of Scaptopara, mentioned on a stone inscription to Roman Emperor Gordian III.

23 Apr 18
A lady’s ring has been discovered in the wall from of medieval Byzantine fortress in Asenovgrad.

16 Apr 18
The ruins of a large settlement which was inhabited during the Early Iron Age of 1,000 B.C. has been discovered at Moshtanets, Bulgaria.

10 Apr 18
A grave of an Ancient Thracian warrior from the 3rd century B.C. with gold plated ceramic beads has been discovered by archaeologists near Primorsko.

02 Apr 18
Marble statues of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis, and a head of a satyr, of ІІ century, have been discovered at a Roman villa at Kasnakovo in Bulgaria.

26 Mar 18
A bracelet with images of a snake and the Virgin Mary of 11 century was dug out at the ruins of Momtchil Fortress in the Smolian region of Bulgaria.

19 Mar 18
The archaeologists claimed they had discovered coin mint of III-IV century of the Ancient Roman city of Serdica in the Roman ruins in downtown Sofia.

12 Mar 18
Parts of a silver wreath has uncovered in a burial mound at Dyadovo, Bulgaria as it had been crafted by a Thracian between I and III century.

06 Mar 18
A rarely seen billon coin of Tsar Ivan Asen II of 13th century was found at the ruins of the fortress Liutiza, Bulgaria in summer of year 2018.

26 Feb 18
An 8,000 years old clay tile with symbols and parts of clay vessels was excavated and exhibited at the local history museum in Sliven, Bulgaria.

19 Feb 18
The exhibition of 340 archaeological objects, found only in year 2017, including some from time of 40,000 years ago was opened for tourists of tours in Bulgaria at the Archaeology museum in Sofia on February 16, 2018 for just 45 days.

12 Feb 18
A white jade amulet of a falcon hunting goose of China’s Yuan Dynasty of XIII century was discovered at Cape Kaliakra, Bulgaria.

29 Jan 18
Discovering two new graves and foundations of buildings marked the end of archaeological summer on the island of St. Ivan near Sozopol.

22 Jan 18
A copper tool for making gold jewelry, a ceramic baby teat and a dice were found in the ruins of 6 500 years old salt city of Provadia in Bulgaria.

15 Jan 18
A Roman gold chain ornament of IV century was found at Rupite and it was exhibited at the museum in Petrich for seeing of tourists of tours in Bulgaria.

08 Jan 18
A Greek signature on a marble stone of 1200 kilograms and dimensions of 60 cm at 60 cm at 150 cm was exposed at the ruins of the town of the Thracian tribe Sints named Heraclea Sintika, Bulgaria.

03 Jan 18
A Roman stone cover of a grave of II century was exhibited at the local history museum in Petrich, Bulgaria, saiyng life story of the man in the grave.



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