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26 Sep 16
A clay fire grill vessel of 6 century A.D. was found at Yakoruda in July, 2016.

19 Sep 16
A well preserved coin of Philip II Macedon was discovered at the ruins of the ancient Greek castle Emporion Pastiros, Bulgaria in August 2016.

12 Sep 16
The Guardian online said on September 3, 2016 that city of Plovdiv must rank as the most egregious on lists of European destination gems. It should be a top-ranking, must-go, bucket-list stalwart.

05 Sep 16
Some 70 coins of Philip II Macedon, Alexander the Great, the emperors of Roman and Byzantium empires were dug out at the ancient place Aquae Calidae Termae, Burgas in July 2016.

29 Aug 16
The archaeologists uncovered near the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Thracian Sveshtari tomb another Celtic sanctuary with a rectangular plan, the remains of a Celtic warrior and a ritually bent sword romfea dated of 3 century B.C.

19 Aug 16
Reuters news agency reported that a piece of bead jewelry gold of 4 mm with weigh of 0.15 gram, found in July 2016 in the ruins of an ancient house near Pazardgik, Bulgaria, claimed to be the oldest processed gold in Europe of 4,500 years B.C.

15 Aug 16
The remains of old knives, keys, pieces of glass vessels, jewelry and coins from 4 till 16 centuries of origin of mighty neighbors empires of Byzantium, Mongol and Ottoman were found at the medieval necropolis at Kaliakra, Bulgaria.

08 Aug 16
A rear golden coin of Andronicus II Palaeologus, a Byzantine emperor of 14-th century of weight reduced to 3 g, was found at Kaliakra, Bulgaria on July 7, 2016.

01 Aug 16
Two double chambers Roman ovens for baking clay terracotta vessels and dishes of 4 century AD were dug out also in Roman Kabile, Bulgaria. There were well preserved to be seen from tourists of tours in Bulgarian in the history museum in Bulgaria.

25 Jul 16
A gold stater coin of Philip II of Macedon minted in the capital city of Pela with his face in profile and a head of Herakles wearing lion skin headdress on the back side of the coin of 4 century BC was found at the ruins of Macedonian polis Kabile Yambol, Bulgaria in October 2015.

18 Jul 16
A part of a Roman marble water tub faucet with three heads of lions of 3 century were found on July 8, 2016 near Roman city Herculaneum Sintica at Petrich, Bulgaria.

11 Jul 16
The archaeologists found near Sozopol on July 7, 2016 some bronze arrows, containers for perfumes in the form of a head of a bull and in the shape of a warrior with helmet, and a theater mask, as all artefacts were dated 2600 years ago.

04 Jul 16
Un epigraphic monument column of two meters from the time of Roman Emperor Philip Arab I was found at the ruins of the Roman station Sostra on June 19, 2016 after already found pedestals for statues of the Roman emperors Antoninus Pius (year 146) and Gallium (year 254).

27 Jun 16
A necropolis with four graves with skeletons of 6200 years ago was found under the court of ex-school near Razgrad in September 2015. There were vessels of clay with black, red and with colors put as gifts of deaths to be used in the believed then life after death on the skeletons those were put in fetal position facing east.

20 Jun 16
Some walls, stones and tools of the ruins of ancient workshop of flint stone was dug out near Razgrad, Bulgaria in the spring time of 2015. It was dated as far as 4500 years BC when the flint tone was precious as a rigid blade for primitive tools such as knives, spears and arrows.

13 Jun 16
A skeleton of a buried soldier dated 6,000 years ago was excavated near Razgrad, Bulgaria on June 13, 2016. The skeleton was laid out on his left side in East – West in a fetal position holding his weapon – a stone ax.

06 Jun 16
The annual Fest of Rose in Kazanlak, Bulgaria took place on the first Sunday of June on the 5 of June 2016. As usual there were presented the ancient way of picking oil rose flowers in the field, folk costumes, dances and songs. The Prime Minister of Bulgaria opened the newly glass building of Museum of Rose in the Rosarium Park in Kazanlak in the presence of ambassadors of foreign countries.

30 May 16
UK-based InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) that operates 184 hotels and resorts all over the world said it would open its first hotel with 182 rooms, 12 conference rooms, lobby bar and spa and fitness centre in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2017.

24 May 16
The National History museum in Sofia exhibited for tourists of tours in Bulgaria in April 2016 the marble heads of two Roman Emperors - Hadrian reign years 117-138 and Valens 328 –378 who died in a battle in the lands of today’s Bulgaria, and the ladies de facto rulers of Rome Julia Maesa 222 –226 and Julia Soaemias 118 – 222.

16 May 16
The Telegraph from the UK has put Bansko of Bulgaria at third place in its World’s top 20 places for the good life as first is the region of Andalusia of Spain, second is the region Gascony of France, forth is Parma of Italy and fifth is Paris of France. The advantages of Bansko are clean mountain air, beautiful Pirin Mountain, facilities for skiing and snow board in winter and other sports in summer.

09 May 16
The restored part of ancient Roman Serdica was open for tourists of tours of Bulgaria to walk the main east-west road with authentic pavement on April 20, 2016. The open-air archeological area between Marie Louise Boulevard and the Central Universal Department Store (ZUM) is divided in three levels.

03 May 16
A silver plated iron unique face mask helmet of a noble Thracian of 1 century was back for tourists of tours in Bulgaria at the History museum in Plovdiv on April 26, 2016. It was dug in a Thracian burial mound in Plovdiv in 1905 and it was stolen from the museum by armed robbery in 1995.

25 Apr 16
A new survey of UK Post Office Travel Money Holiday Costs Barometer has shown that Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach remains the best value-for-money holiday destination for British tourists in 2016 followed by the Algarve, Portugal and Limassol, Cyprus.

18 Apr 16
The Prime minister of Bulgaria Borissov opened on April 11, 2016 the renewed archaeological Roman town of Deultum of 2 century near Burgas, Bulgaria with a museum and ruins of an ancient thermae, a temple of God Asclepius, a church, a necropolis, rock cemeteries and walls of a fortress.

11 Apr 16
The excavation of the largest unstudied Thracian mound in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula will begin in May 2016 near Manole, Plovdiv. The archaeologists are expecting possibly to find remains and treasures of noblemen from the Odrysian Thracian tribe.

04 Apr 16
UK-based global travel search site Skyscanner has named Bulgaria one of the best-value holiday destinations this year 2016 with summer holidays starting at £220 including flights and accommodation for budget-conscious Brits in search of a decent beach holiday.

28 Mar 16
Six Roman graves were discovered in March 2016 in antique Roman town Augusta Trajan, Stara Zagora in a Roman necropolis dated the century 2 AD of the time of reining of the Roman Emperor Trajan.

21 Mar 16
Polish hotel group Orbis will expand with two new additions in Sofia in 2017 under the Novotel and the Ibis brands in one building with two separate entrances and reception desks. On a land plot in central Sofia starts construction of the combined hotel.

14 Mar 16
Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel guide, has published its list of the world’s 500 best tourist places to see before one dies. It includes Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, the most visited site of UNESCO list in Bulgaria, Topkapi palace and Blue Mosque in Turkey, Meteora monasteries on rocks in Greece and others.

07 Mar 16
The Japanese Association of Travel Agents (JATA) said the Bulgarian town of Koprvishtitsa ranks among the thirty most beautiful towns in Europe. The list of the Japanese association aims to promote tourism to attractive places. Koprivshtitsa is known for its folklore music festivals and the fine examples of typical Bulgarian architecture.

29 Feb 16
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, was third of the European Best Destinations 2016 ranking by a Brussels-based organization with the same name. With its 8-millennia history, Plovdiv has been proclaimed the oldest continuously-inhabited city in Europe and the 6-th oldest in the world and a European Capital of Culture 2019, alongside the Italian town of Matera.

22 Feb 16
The world’s largest tour operator TUI Group is stepping up investments in countries like Bulgaria and Cape Verde to compensate for a slump in demand for travel to Turkey, decreased by 40 per cent due to security concerns caused by the recent terrorist attacks in Turkey and its proximity to war-torn Syria.

15 Feb 16
Daily Mail on-line quoted on February 4, 2016 the compare hotel prices site writing that the cheapest capital in Europe is Sofia, Bulgaria with £46 per night. London is the most expensive of £184. Amsterdam has risen to the top of the list as the most popular overseas destination for UK visitors.

08 Feb 16
Plovdiv, Bulgaria is nominated for participation in Best European Destination 2016 of a Brussels-based organization developed to promote culture and tourism in Europe. Other selections in 2016 include Prague, Brussels, Madrid, Vienna, Berlin, Milan, Paris, London, Edinburgh, and Barcelona.

29 Jan 16
The 11th World Festival of Animated Film will be held on January 29-31, 2016 in the Palace of Culture (NDK) in Sofia. It has 40 short and full-motion animated films from Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, the UK, Russia, the USA, Romania, Ireland, Switzerland, Finland, France, Canada, Argentina, Japan and Taiwan.

25 Jan 16
The Post Office Travel Holiday report, quoted by newspaper The Guardian on January 15, 2016, said that Algarve in Portugal is the cheapest place for British tourists, followed by Sunny Beach at Black Sea in Bulgaria and the long-haul destination Cape Town in South Africa.

18 Jan 16
The ruins of three rows of big public building of 4 century BC were found at ancient Greek city of Heraclea Sintika in Rupite Petrich in Bulgaria on 14 of September 2015.

11 Jan 16
A bronze enameled medallion with a Christian crest of Saint Andrew and seven more crests around it of 6 century was excavated from the ruins of a Roman villa at the Black Sea side coast of Bulgaria near the city Burgas. It was used as a church decoration either on a box or a book.

04 Jan 16
The tourists of tours in Bulgaria can see at the History museum in Belitza a unique on the Balkan Peninsula well preserved wooden sarcophagus of a Thracian ruler dated 2,500 years ago.



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