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19 Aug 19
The garden of Balchik palace of Queen Marie of Romania has in summer of 2018 special carpets of 100,000 flowers including begonias, agaratum, phlox, dalias, and chelotropium.

05 Aug 19
The Balchik palace of Queen Marie of Romania has a botanical garden with 2,000 plant species including cactus the Metasequoia, the Para rubber tree the Ginkgo, and others.

29 Jul 19
A gold plated coin of Tsar Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria of 13 century was discovered at the fortress of Perperikon in Bulgaria in July 2019.

22 Jul 19
The Balchik palace of Queen Marie of Romania has six villas to accommodate tourists of tours of Bulgaria in 29 rooms and 12 apartments.

15 Jul 19
The Balchik palace of Queen Marie of Romania built in 1937, at the Black Sea coats of Bulgaria, where a minaret of mosque coexists with a Christian chapel.

08 Jul 19
There are plenty of modern wind power facilities in the windy space vicinity of cape Kaliakra.

01 Jul 19
Kaliakra sits on the Via Pontica, a major bird migration route from Africa into Eastern and Northern Europe and many rare local birds about 34 species and about 150 species of migrant birds can be seen there migrating in spring and autumn time.

17 Jun 19
The cape Kaliakra area is a nature reserve of dolphins, sea calves, and birds including pied wheatears, common shags, saker falcons, lesser grey shrikes and others rare birds.

10 Jun 19
A grave of 7,600 years was found in Sofia in May 2019 with remains of houses of a hundred square meters, tools and vessels, saying about life of ancient tribes.

03 Jun 19
The 116th annual Rose fest was held in Kazanluk, Bulgaria on June 2, 2019, with 5,000 tourists walked in the Rose carnival, Rose picking in the rose fields, colorful old suits, dances, music and fest local food.

27 May 19
The first ancient lighthouse for sea navigation at cape Kaliakra was mentioned in 13 century as today there are also a radio navigation emitter, foghorn, and weather forecasting facilities.

20 May 19
The forth legend of cape Kaliakra is of a dervish monastery there which had preserved the relics of Muslim Bektashi saint Sarı Saltık during five hundred years of Ottoman rule.

13 May 19
The third legend of cape Kaliakra is of 40 Bulgarian girls, who preferred to dye jumping into the Black Sea rather than being captured by the Ottomans, as there is an obelisk called The Gate of the 40 Maidens.

06 May 19
Big clay vessels for storing seeds of age of 5,000 years were found in 2018 at Kozareva mogila, Varna.

30 Apr 19
Clay vessels of 3 century were found in 2018 at the ruins of ancient necropolis of Sozopol, Bulgaria.

22 Apr 19
Bracelet jewelry with bull figure of 2 century was found at Yambol, Bulgaria in 2018.

15 Apr 19
Bulgaria's Sunny Beach is the cheapest European sea resort for UK travellers, as prices are a third lower than at its closest competitor, Algarve in Portugal, as on April 6, 2019 BBC news quoted Post Office Travel Money report.

08 Apr 19
A Roman stone head probably of Emperor Marcus Aurelius of 2 century was found in 2018 in Roman Ulpia Esqus, Bulgaria.

01 Apr 19
A Roman bronze and gold statue of Goddess Venus of 3 century was found in the European city of culture 2019 Plovdiv, Bulgaria.



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