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20 Mar 17
The archaeologists studied 11 graves with metal and bone burial objects of Avars and Slavs tribes of 7 century - the time of second phase of migration period of peoples at the ruins of Zaldapa near Ruse.

13 Mar 17
A bronze statuette of Hermes, of II century AD, was found near Debelt in the ruins of Deultum, the oldest Roman city in Bulgaria who had been set up from Roman legionnaires.

06 Mar 17
The archaeologists have found a bronze seal and a statuette of God Apollo of 3 century in Perperikon.

01 Mar 17
Gold and silver adornments, and others 350 artefacts from time of 40 000 years back until the middle ages found in Bulgaria in 2016 are shown at the Museum of Archaeology, Sofia till April, 2017.

20 Feb 17
A recently found pottery from prehistoric settlement near Mursalevo, Southwestern Bulgaria can be seen from the tourists of tours to Bulgaria.

13 Feb 17
A cultural digital center will be opened in the triangle tower the ruins of the walls of Roman Serdika in the city center of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, by finances of a Norwegian cultural program.

06 Feb 17
A Gospel book in Cyrillic, printed in Vilnius in 1644, was donated to History Museum in Sofia on January 23, 2017. The Gospel book is a large format and richly decorated with ornaments.

30 Jan 17
The History Museum in Silistra has received a donation of about 600 antique coins and other cultural valuables by Varna Directorate of the National Revenue Agency.

23 Jan 17
The Sveta Zona church of 13 century was opened for the tourists of tours of Bulgaria. It is 1.5 km above the old town of Melnik as part of a fortress and a monastery built of the local ruler Aleksi Slav.



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