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22 Apr 19
Bracelet jewelry with bull figure of 2 century was found at Yambol, Bulgaria in 2018.

15 Apr 19
Bulgaria's Sunny Beach is the cheapest European sea resort for UK travellers, as prices are a third lower than at its closest competitor, Algarve in Portugal, as on April 6, 2019 BBC news quoted Post Office Travel Money report.

08 Apr 19
A Roman stone head probably of Emperor Marcus Aurelius of 2 century was found in 2018 in Roman Ulpia Esqus, Bulgaria.

01 Apr 19
A Roman bronze and gold statue of Goddess Venus of 3 century was found in the European city of culture 2019 Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

25 Mar 19
The British Standard quoted on March 21, 2019 the United Nations World Tourism Organization 2018 Tourism Report, that Romania, Europe, is growing destination for the UK by 638 per cent from 2007 till 2017.

11 Mar 19
An ancient Roman colored wine glass of 4 century with words Drink and live happily was found near Yambol, Bulgaria in 2018.

04 Mar 19
Pieces of clay vessels were discovered at the ruins of a necropolis of late Bronze Age in the basement of a house in Baley, Vidin, Bulgaria in September 2018.

25 Feb 19
A piece of hunting bone awl was dug out in Redaka Cave, Belogradchik, Bulgaria in August 2018 as the archaeologists claimed there were other pieces of flint stone and bone artefacts dated back to 26,000 years B.C.

18 Feb 19
The 12th annual exhibition Bulgarian Archaeology 2018 presents 250 artefacts from the Early Prehistory to the Middle Ages, including palaeolithic incised bone awl, in the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia from 15 February until 14 April, 2019.

11 Feb 19
The ruins of luxurious Roman buildings and pieces of clay vessels were found in Roman city Trimonzium or today’s Plovdiv.

04 Feb 19
The city of Plovdiv begins being the European city of culture in January 2019 as the second city of culture is Matera, Italy.

28 Jan 19
The second legend of cape Kaliakra tells the story of Saint Nicholas, the patron of seamen, who was running away from the Ottomans and God made the earth under him longer and longer so he could escape, and so a Christian chapel was built there.

21 Jan 19
The oldest legend of cape Kaliakra dated back to Lysimachus, a successor of Alexander the Great, whose ships with royal treasure crushed on its cliffs after a sea storm.

14 Jan 19
The museum of cape Kaliakra with ancient local artifacts is in a natural cave in the cliffs bellow to the sea.

07 Jan 19
A head of a figure of mother goddess of Neolith time 4,000 years B.C. was discovered near Vidin, Bulgaria in November, 2018.



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