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Bulgaria is a state in Southeastern Europe situated on the East part of the Balkan peninsula. To the North it is bordered by Romania, to the South by Turkey and Greece, to the West by the Republic of Yugoslavia and the Republic of Macedonia, to the East by the Black Sea.

110912 km2

7.7 millions

Sofia (1.2 million inhabitants)

Official language:
Bulgarian. Bulgarians write Cyrillic, the successor of the ancient slavonic-bulgarian script. Most of the young generation speak English and German.

Christian-Orthodox (85%), Muslim (8%), others (7%)

Climate and temperatures:
From the North to the South follows the temperature continental and the transitional climate, while the Southern portions are Mediterranean influenced. On the East the climate is influenced by the Black Sea: the summer is cool, the autumn is pleasant, warm and long. The four seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter are strongly expressed.

681 - Foundation of the Bulgarian State
681-1018 - First Bulgarian Kingdom
1186-1396 - Second Bulgarian Kingdom
1396-1878 - Ottoman rule and resistance movement of the Bulgarians
18 c.-1878 - Revival. Restoration of the Bulgarian State
1878-1946 - Third Bulgarian Kingdom
after 1946 - Republic of Bulgaria

Official Holidays:
1 January - New Year
3 March - - National day: Commemorating liberation from the Ottoman yoke in 1878
The Easter - Two days - Sunday and Monday, which are defined by the Orthodox calendar
1 May - Labour day
6 May - St. George - Day of the Bulgarian Army
24 May - Day of the Bulgarian culture and the Slavonic script
6 September - Day of Unification
22 September - Independence day
1 November - Day of the leaders of Bulgarian National Revival
25/26 December - Christmas

Voltage/Current tension:
220V, 50Hz

Time zone:
Greenwich Mean Time + 2 hours


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